família bowie


como zowie bowie, filho de david e angie, cresceu como uma pessoa normal? com pais adeptos do sexo, drogas e rock’n’roll em doses cavalares, o menino foi criado por uma babá, foi completando aniversários em meio a famosos como mick jagger e hoje é um respeitado diretor de cinema.

o daily mail conta a história: his parents were both bisexual ego-maniacs so how did zowie bowie turn out so normal?

The speech was as heartfelt as the man delivering it was unheralded. As he reached the Bafta podium last Sunday, where he was awarded the prize for best debut by a British writer, director or producer, Duncan Jones was overcome.

He gave an introductory ‘Um…er…wow’, and from that moment he was choking back tears.

‘Thank you so much,’ he said, in a voice cracking with emotion. ‘I didn’t actually realise how much this meant to me.’ He added, with tears in his eyes: ‘It’s taken me an awfully long time to know what I wanted to do with my life and finally I have found what I love doing.’

What many in the watching audience did not know was that this bearded, well-built 38-year-old man was the child formerly known as Zowie Bowie.

Yes, the son of David and Angie Bowie, born into an unimaginably dysfunctional family, with both parents addicted to drugs and practising a bizarre sexual free-for-all – Angie described their pairing as rather like a couple of bisexual alleycats.

Their marriage ended in suicide bids, recriminations and a financial pay off.

When he was just a little tot, the boy who was born Duncan Zowie Hayward Jones (Jones is ‘s real surname) came on a particularly raucous tour to with his mum and dad – there are pictures of an angelic blond boy sandwiched between his two parents, both with razor cheekbones and rooster hair.

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  1. 1 jojo

    “kooks”, do hunky dori, foi escrita para o pequeno duncan e eu sempre achei que bowie era um pai genial por conta da letra. a realidade foi muuuuuuito diferente mas estou felicíssima de saber que as coisas deram certo pro rebento!

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