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mais um blog de nicho, o super cute protesters, desta vez com gatinhos engajados que percorrem o mundo defendendo as mais diversas causas! com raiva fica melhor ou é impressão? haha   =) vejam mais:



Allowing yourself to want things is a great freedom. Allowing ourselves to want things, as women, as people who’ve been not only not allowed to want things but treated as things ourselves…yeah. And allowing ourselves to want that connection, whether it’s a night of hot and sweaty sex on the kitchen counter and then goodbye, […]



It’s a gift to look at someone frankly, to look at someone undressed, to look at someone beautiful and sexy and naked who wants you to look and to see. There are greater gifts, beyond the body, the viewing of the body, and there are responsibilities that may be left behind without guilt but which […]



Shot in just 21 days with a mostly amateur cast (including New York‘s own Mark Jacobson!), Steven Soderbergh’s The Girlfriend Experience, due on May 22, stars popular pornography actress Sasha Grey as a high-end prostitute pondering the state of her life. The film hits On Demand on April 30, and arrives in theaters in New […]



terry richardson fez uns auto-retratos para a vogue homme international na série “autoportraits”, ele mostra relógios _e, claro, muito pedaço de pele via

nada mais apropriado para esses tempos em que rihanna e chris brown tentam ser ike e tina tuner…





a primeira eu salvei um dia, sem crédito. a segunda veio daqui

mondo macho


já ouvi diálogos parecidos, hahaha via

meia bomba


sad man´s kama sutra por monstro draw