vou fotografar sua aura


o neozelandês carlo van de roer decidiu fotografar a aura das pessoas. para isso, usa uma câmera aura 6000, câmera inventada nos anos 1970 que teria o poder de ver além da pura imagem. entre os fotografados, estão lorenzo martone, o namorado brasileiro de marc jacobs, e a artista miranda july   =)


Aura photographs are a relatively recent example of spirit photography. Unlike photographs which claim to record ghosts, aura photographs evolved from a type of spirit photography that sought to objectively measure and document unseen aspects of the human body. The aura camera has undertones of pseudo-scientific authority and attributes associated with a less mediated type of photography. It’s a modified land camera which uses instant film, has one button and is connected directly to the subject, allowing little mediation or manipulation from the photographer.

The subject is connected to the camera by hand-plates measuring biofeedback, which is translated into information about their emotions, potential, aspirations, etcetera, and depicted as an aura of color in the Polaroid. The camera also prints out a diagram and detailed description of the portrait. This caption describes to the viewer the cameras’ interpretation of the subject at the time of being photographed, and separately, how they were seen by others, such as the photographer.

This project explores the idea that a portrait photograph can reveal an accurate, otherwise unseen insight into the subjects character but also how a cameras mechanisms — beyond the basic optical/light sensitive one — mediate the portrait making process whether employed deliberately or not by the photographer.

vejam mais: http://www.theportraitmachine.com/

6 Responses to “vou fotografar sua aura”

  1. mas que aura colorida o lorenzo tem, hein? AMEI essa camera.

  2. 3 Rafael Capanema

    Que legal, na próxima série ele pode fotografar PEIDOS

  3. acho que a miranda está meio tristonha 😦

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