a beleza dos pedaços



cristiana couceiro faz um trabalho sensacional de colagens, daqueles que enchem os olhos e o coração. e sabe o que é mais legal? além do trabalho artístico, essa ilustradora que vive em lisboa consegue levar a linguagem tão própria de suas colagens para trabalhos comerciais _imagina ver um texto seu ilustrado por uma colagem dela?

I have been making collages since I was a kid. I used to sit on the floor and tear up magazines for hours, joining pieces of paper of different shapes and colours together. Later I learned how to use a pair of scissors and some glue and started filling notebooks, walls, furniture or any kind of plain surface. Then I just learned how to edit pictures on the computer and stopped gluing everywhere.

I collect memories, personal and collective, national and international. My collages are made from an assemblage of different forms, thus creating a new one. They may include newspaper titles, classic and vintage photos, pieces of paper, portions of other artworks, book pages, glued on a new piece of paper.

vejam mais: http://www.cristianacouceiro.com/










2 Responses to “a beleza dos pedaços”

  1. Super interessante o trabalho!

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