hipsters do universo



como seria o he-man se virasse hipster?

For the past few months artists Adrian Riemann has been creating a master work that answers these questions. Essentially, Riemann has remixed the characters of the popular 1980s “Masters of the Universe” cartoon series as highfalutin, Justice and Kid Cudi listening, circa 2009 hipsters. On top of that, he styled the characters in designer clothing as if this was a fashion spread in a magazine.

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2 Responses to “hipsters do universo”

  1. 1 Joana

    por greyskull, she-ra (she-ra)
    me apresenta pro he-man
    teu irmaozinho é uma gracinha
    e eu sou todinha do bem…

  2. Pelo pordes Fashion eu tenho a moda…rs

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