heidi klum ensina como sair bem nas fotos



1. Don’t over do it.
2. Smiling “inside” creates intrigue. Usually you show your teeth when you smile. but if you keep your lips closed, let the corners of your mouth turn up a bit (think of the Mona Lisa), and imagine your eyes glistening, you give off a mischievous, alluring vibe.
3. Turning your shoulder slightly, rather than squarely facing someone, can be flirtatious- not to mention physically flattering.
4. Arch your back and keep your shoulders back and your head up to look confident (this can even make your boobs look bigger).
5. Sleepy “bedroom” eyes- relaxed lids and a softened stare – are sexy.
6. Keeping your mouth closed (you are breathing through your nose obviously) helps you look relaxed and poised.
7. A slightly open mouth can be inviting, sexy solicitation- but make it like you’re going to eat a blueberry, not a cherry.


2 Responses to “heidi klum ensina como sair bem nas fotos”

  1. heidi klum ensina como sair sexy nas fotos, né?

  2. 2 Joana

    Também ajuda ter um rosto lindo e uma pele absurda (ela esqueceu de mencionar)

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