baixo augusta



o baixo augusta é tema de matéria no “new york times”, assinada por seth kugel

The default night life areas in São Paulo’s southwest zone — Itaim Bibi, for the clean-cut moneyed crowd and Vila Madalena, where a (slightly) more bohemian set mobs the open-air bars — are still going strong. But a revival is under way closer to the city center, and more specifically, the “bad” side of Avenida Paulista, the active artery that separates downtown from upscale neighborhoods in the city’s southwest zone.

That’s especially true along Rua Augusta and the two parallel avenues that flank it, Rua Bela Cintra and Rua Frei Caneca — an area that is increasingly being referred to as Baixo Augusta. Well into this decade it was a red-light district, full of streetwalkers and sex clubs. But in the last few years, it has also become a gay-club district, a lounge district, a teenage-hangout district, even an old-ladies-walking-their-dogs district. It’s a pretty interesting place to spend an evening: an anything-goes nuthouse.

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2 Responses to “baixo augusta”

  1. 1 Pablu

    Augusta…que saudade…

  2. 2 daniarrais

    graças a deus..

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