internet estragada?





o que é que as três imagens acima têm em comum?

elas foram arruinadas pela internet!

rick astley, ver tv na companhia de outras pessoas, posts motivacionais, gatos (por conta do famoso lolcats), listas, pornografia, tom cruise, jornalismo e, claro, privacidade, tudo isso foi maculado pela grande rede…  =)

9 good things the internet has ruined forever

Nostalgia is a funny thing. Usually it serves no other purpose than to make us hate our lives and long for a simpler time. Sometimes nostalgia can actually serve a mirror into our lives and show how really screwed up we really are. Like, for instance, what life was like before high speed Internet. Sure, our lives sucked then as much as it sucks now, but we blame the Internet for ruining a few things that were once good and holy. Here’s our list of 9 Good Things The Internet Has Ruined Forever.

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