crying model



vocês viram a “crying model” no desfile do jil sander?

o wall street journal aproveitou pra dizer que a coleção foi feita pras modelos chorarem

a modelo lituana auguste abeliunate disse que chorou por conta dos sapatos apertados

So, when Heard on the Runway saw a young Lithuanian model named Auguste Abeliunaite make her first “exit” wearing a brown wool suit and fluorescent orange heels, tears streaming down her porcelain cheeks, we wondered at first whether this look wasn’t some sort of bizarre new makeup trend. (We admit it is a twisted testament to our understanding of the fashion industry that we even thought such a thing.)

But the other models, serious as they were, didn’t shed any tears. When Ms. Abeliunaite made her second exit, wearing a black sculpted top and skinny pants, her eyes were still overflowing. But she looked straight ahead and walked on, a trouper through and through.

ficou poético, num ficou?

a foto é de christophe simon/afp/getty images

One Response to “crying model”

  1. 1 joana

    ah, que absurdo…

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