conversa de amigos



damien hirst entrevista sua amiga de longa data lily allen. as fotos são de angelo pennetta

leiam na interview

DH: You could say that at this point you’ve outshined your father. And he’s quite good about it, isn’t he?

LA: Yeah, he’s really happy. But there’s a thin line between jealousy and pride.

DH: Of course. Sometimes it’s difficult.

LA: But Dad and I are the only father-and-daughter acts who have both had No. 1 songs in England.

DH: I love facts like that. For example, do you know the only pop group with a name that’s a palindrome to have a chart hit with a title that’s also a palindrome?

LA: Was it a-ha?

DH: Close. It was ABBA, with “SOS.”

LA: A-ha was quite a good guess, though.

DH: So would you say you were an overnight success?

LA: Well, since you’ve known me for so long, would you say that I was?

DH: No, but I do remember all of a sudden picking up a newspaper one day and seeing that you were on Top of the Pops. It seems like it happened overnight . . . But maybe I was just taking lots of drugs.

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  1. 1 joana

    lilly allen e sua melancia na cabeça

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