there’ll be peace of mind


acabei de conhecer judith durham e the seekers, e eles combinam muito com um começo de manhã  =)

close the door, light the light, we’re staying home to-night
far a-way from the bustle and the bright city lights
let them all fade a-way, just leave us a-lone
and we’ll live in a world of our own

One Response to “there’ll be peace of mind”

  1. 1 Kimber

    Talk about Stumble Upon! While surfing around the Stumble Upon Friends page, I stumble upon Thrift Shopping Tips, which then leads me to Vintage, so I think, I’ll check it out, my 16-year-old-daughter is very into it. Low and behold what do I find? A total flash from the past! I grew up with The Seekers’ music. My mom had their album(s?) and played their music all the time. I’d forgotten about them…for shame! ;o) Thanks for posting them here! What an unsuspected treat on Halloween Day!

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