my beloved crooner


quem está na wired deste mês? chanmeuamor!

It’s easy to sing somebody else’s song — but near impossible to do it well (Exhibit A: every karaoke bar from Topeka to Tokyo). Which is why we love Cat Power’s stripped-down take on classics like “New York, New York.” For fans of the soulful singer’s The Covers Record, this is a welcome return to the form, with 10 bluesy reimaginings of tunes by James Brown, Billie Holiday, and Bob Dylan, plus a redo of her own “Metal Heart” and the set’s only new original, “Song to Bobby.” True, there’s a long tradition of covering Dylan songs. But few have ever sounded this good.

3 Responses to “my beloved crooner”

  1. passei pra te deixar um beijo,
    um beijo fofo de feliz 2008!😉

  2. Aproveita e, quando tu voltar dessa terra de hippies, baixa então do disquinho da Chan:

    Feliz 2008!

  3. 3 daniarrais


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